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We all have our faults. I’m a Weaverholic. My one redeeming feature is I’m now one of the world's leading RapidWeaver designers and am trusted by many international clients, large and small, to help them compete professionally online. Size doesn't matter — if you have a budget then I can help.


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If your livelihood depends on your online presence then you're probably aware that you need to create a professional first impression now, not in however many years it takes to learn from costly experience and master the many skills and tradecrafts required to create a professional and productive website that will achieve your business goals.

amateur websites do not build consumer confidence

So if you want your business to be taken seriously and you can't afford to lose any more leads and sales because your website's design, structure and content lack strategy, focus and definition, then it's time to do what professionals do and get professional help.

Design Portfolio

Recent Projects

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Columbia CapitalRedesign and SEO, USA

Columbia Capital is a full-service municipal bond financial advisor and an investment adviser with a portfolio spanning more than 1,460 transactions representing $75 billion in bonds sold.

Peebles Web Design Client Website: ChaseLight

ChaseLightRefresh, Refocus, Redesign. USA

Atlanta. Emmy award winners Michael Chase and Jane Cole are not only long-term clients, they're long-term clients with a high profile website that demands a regular refresh. They're very happy with what they got.

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CyberSixRedesign, SEO and Aftercare, USA

Connecticut. CyberSix is a new class of cybersecurity company, offering businesses the precise cybersecurity services it needs to protect against breeches, risks and threatscapes.

Peebles Web Design, Scottish Borders, Client Website

ESCNew Design, Peebles.

Peebles' Enhance Support and Care team who support the elderly and local adults with learning/physical disabilities needed a website to showcase their wide range of care services.

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Carlisle & CollinsDesign, Hosting & Aftercare. Peebles.

Peebles. Redesign of a long outdated website, this time with a real white-collar presence to reflect the legal nature of the company in a truly professional light.

Peebles Web Design, Scottish Borders, Client Website, Christopher Berg

Christopher BergUpdate, Redesign and Refocus. USA

Christopher's another long-term client who needed a refresh and upgrade on several fronts to keep pace both with his publishing exploits and technology itself.

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Edinburgh Micro DiggersDesign, Hosting & Aftercare. Edinburgh.

Edinburgh. Another redesign of an outdated website, this time with enough SEO punch to drive it up the search engine rankings.

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Bruce MishkitRestructuring and Redesign. USA.

California. This project entailed the restructuring, redesign and merging of Bruce's three separate websites into one single entity.

Peebles Web Design, Scottish Borders, Client Website

Home AppraisalsNew Design, USA.

Raena needed a professional website for her home appraisal business in Contra Costa county. Nothing big and fancy, just simple and stylish.

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From single-page product launches and landing-pages to dynamic multi-pagers. From traditional or corporate to trendy or minimal. For SME's and startups, trades and traders, craftswomen and craftsmen, creatives and entrepreneurs.

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Bespoke TailoringFor professionals

We love lean, clean and well-tailored websites that combine elegance with clarity and ease of use. If that's your style, then let’s craft your next website together.

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International Based in Scotland

Based in Peebles in the Scottish Borders, we have an international reputation and client base, and specialise in web design for professional entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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Perfect FitRapidWeaver/ WordPress

We excel in both Wordpress and RapidWeaver Design and Development, and all our designs are individually tailored to suit our clients’ budget and needs.

“If you're in need of help for a RapidWeaver project, I can wholeheartedly recommend Marten!”

"Marten is a great example of the benefits of the internet and tools like Skype bringing the world together. Given that I'm in Southeastern Virginia and Marten is in Scotland, what was once never a possibility actually occurred for me when I hired Marten to support our web redevelopment efforts. What I found was a person who is not only an expert in RapidWeaver and web development, but also someone who is genuinely concerned about doing work that is a cut above the rest. His knowledge and capability is impressive, and I have truly enjoyed working with him. I also enjoyed our side conversations and I'm happy to say that I now have a new friend in Scotland."

Steve WaddellVice President, Reed Integration


Are you beginning to realise that webdesign involves a lot more time, skill and knowledge than you initially thought? Or starting to recognise the very real value of investing in a professional?

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Professional Objectivity

If you're worried your website is losing you leads and sales because it lacks the professional understanding of structure and content strategy... then maybe you need to consult.

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International Reputation

If you're sick of trying to do it all yourself and want to focus on your business but can't afford an agency... then maybe you need to consult.

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Need Relief?Trust us

If you're concerned the pace of online technology is leaving you behind and would feel a great sense of relief if you could simply delegate the whole online side of things to someone you can trust... then maybe you need to consult.

“Marten is our go-to guy and we highly recommend him for anyone looking for guidance in anything and everything RapidWeaver.”

"Marten is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and creativity when it comes to RapidWeaver. He has provided us with invaluable assistance on all aspects of our projects from theme and page type selection, graphic design, web form, eCommerce implementation, and about everything else you can imagine. What makes Marten especially valuable is that he is ahead of all of the latest tools and ideas that can be used inside RapidWeaver. He is also a great teacher. One of the main reasons I wanted to learn Rapidweaver was that I was frustrated by two things: the costs and time of implementation of web related ideas. Marten solved both. His rates are very reasonable and the value for the dollar is outstanding. It is nice to actually get more than what you paid for. Our project turnaround times have been fast beyond our expectations. He is a busy guy, but when he tells you when it will be done, it is done. Marten is our go-to guy and we highly recommend him for anyone looking for guidance in anything and everything RapidWeaver."

Jim SivertsNew Hampshire, USA


Still struggling alone? Why be a martyr? Hard times don’t always mean you have to suffer. Growth is painful but learning new skills doesn’t have to be. Get in touch to find out more.

“I can honestly say this is the most well spent money of my life so far.”

“Having a mentor when starting a project allows one to reach higher from the start, it eliminates the need to stay safely within the confines of methods already mastered. I struggled along in solitary seclusion for ages wishing like mad that I had a Master RapidWeaver friend next door. Thanks to Marten and Skype I now have exactly that! It is invaluable to get a truthful opinion, Marten is not afraid to tell you politely but firmly that your much loved project is a mess.

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Ellie W.Santa Monica, CA


Successful businesses use professional writers like me to create a consistent brand narrative that adds potency to their message and sells their brand story. Why? Because crafted copy makes calls-to-action far more effective and websites more profitable. If you'd like to find out how I can help bring your brand to life, get in touch today.

Bring Your Brand To Life With The Power of Professional Narrative

Understanding the value of your time

"Having my website professionally redesigned by Marten was one of the best business decisions I have made so far. Since the new website went live we have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries and consequently an increase in my business. I have had many compliments on the new design! Thank you for all your great work and continued support!"

Coral ToewsCalgary, Canada

RapidWeaver Design Therapy


A clear vision means clear measurable goals, direction and purpose. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. My experience and objectivity ensures your online brand is consistent with your message, value proposition and positioning, while my clarity of focus means your site will have a solid foundation, structure, and intuitive navigation, alongside a content strategy that couples a clear understanding of target markets with effective calls-to-action.

"Marten is unique in that he brings to Web design a novelist's sensitivity to language as well as considerable business acumen. Working with Marten is like working with a visual artist, copywriting coach, and business advisor all wrapped up in one. At the same time, his warm personality makes the complicated task of bringing a website to life a lot of fun. Even though he's halfway around the world from my office, Marten has become a valuable member of my company team."

Dawn H.Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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