ALL the latest versions of the following applications, plugins and third-party stacks MUST be installed for the our Modules to function as advertised.

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Big White Duck

Although these stacks are Donationware, they are the most powerful and resourceful stacks of their kind in the RapidWeaver ecosystem and take a huge amount of time, work and dedication to develop, maintain and enhance. You probably know that and have already donated. If you haven't donated already or recently, then please consider doing so now.

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Button Plus 2

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Header Pro

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Paragraph Pro

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Sections Box

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Sections Pro

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Pro Styles

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RapidWeaver 6+
Skill Level Requiredexperienced/advanced


& attributes

Please note that the skills and attributes listed below are also requirements. If you're new to RapidWeaver and Stacks and/or require step-by-step documentation or a manual — then this product is probably not for you. If you enjoy learning and the pursuit of knowledge then you will love these modules.

Be sure you understand this before purchase as refunds are not an option.

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Skill Level

Experienced/Advanced. There are learning curves ahead.

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You'll need it — if only to open unforseen doors on unimagined rewards.

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The ability to learn through deconstruction and reconstruction.

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You'll need a resolute strength of will to overcome obstacles.

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hunger & desire

To learn and succeed. And the desire to better yourself and your work.

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For RapidWeaving, web design, and always reaching.


Inspiration Station



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