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RapidWeaver Central's Maximal Design Modules are highly professional self-contained responsive content modules, designed for perfectionists with maximal attention to style and detail.

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Too much conformity in webdesign makes everything look the same and nothing stand out. Don't bury potential in bland uniformity when people are searching for something different.



We're conditioned to notice differences, not similarities. It's the differences that make the difference, that attract and engage us on a deeper emotional level we tend to remember.



Our Maximal Design Modules work by disrupting the flow of conformity and adding the kind of style that will catch your visitors' attention and engage them in a memorable fashion.

angusspiritual enlightenment

Leading Maximal Designers have discovered that breaking a single convention every day is the path to spiritual enlightenment. Professor Angus MacPheep, who is directing the project from cryogenic stasis, was guardedly optimistic about the results of his research.


Add professional style and instant value to your projects. It's the attention to detail that makes the difference.

In complex operations the system is the solution— and every system needs a fancypants name in order to be taken seriously. RapidWeaver Central's Modular Design System solves a common problem for RapidWeaver webdesigners struggling to stay relevant and competitive in a highly competitive market: how to quickly and easily add real professional style to a project to make it stand out from the crowd.

Every Maximal Design template is a RapidWeaver project file containing pages of highly original responsive content modules with styled components, dynamic sections and elements, and elegant typography with Google font pairings — all of which can can be taken as a unit or mixed, matched and combined with other templates, modules, stacks pages and RapidWeaver project files.

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