O What Tangled Webs We Weave

Not all conspiracy theorists are paranoid delusional freaks or even RapidWeaver developers. Some of them are actually convinced our subversive Style Modules exist only in the dying echoes of fading memories tumbling endlessly through the crushing silence of NetherNet.

But like the blood that powers our dreams, the truth runs so much deeper. It's no conspiracy that we're hardwired to notice differences and not similarities, and it's always the things that stand out that catch our eye and still our breath and stir our blood to action.

And that, fellow pioneer, is why the Forces of Convention have purged our Maximal Design Modules from the pages of history. They fear our revolutionary modules are so groundbreaking and disruptive to the norm that they've taken extraordinary measures to conceal them from the general RapidWeaver public. But the truth will always out.




Add professional style and individuality to your projects



Too much conformity in webdesign makes everything look the same and nothing stand out. Don't bury potential in bland uniformity when people are searching for something different.



We're conditioned to notice differences, not similarities. It's the differences that make the difference, that attract and engage us on a deeper emotional level we tend to remember.



Our Maximal Design Modules work by disrupting the flow of conformity and adding the kind of style that will catch your visitors' attention and engage them in a memorable fashion.

Add professional shades and lipstick to your projects

In fact Government research shows that regular use of Maximal Design Modules in your RapidWeaver diet leads to a longer, healthier life. Side effects may include professional looking websites, more work, more money, adulation from spouses, clients, pets and peers, as well as an enhanced sex-life and susceptibility to hype.

Add style and gloss to your designs

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