Is there hope?

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Far easier to run with the herd, do just enough and no more, still the cries of our conscience with the sop of incoming paycheques and one more drink for the road. Is there hope? Of course there is.

Maximal Design Therapy

Leading design therapists now recommend Maximal Design's Style Modules as the perfect remedy for this debilitating condition. In fact it's been clinically proven that using just one module in every new project is enough to revitalise pride and passion in even the most neglected RapidWeaver designs.


design Every Element

Add professional style and instant value to your projects


RapidWeaver Central's Maximal Design Modules are highly professional self-contained responsive content modules, designed for perfectionists with maximal attention to style and detail.


Get Off The Bottle

Add professional style and instant design appeal to your projects.

IN COMPLEX OPERATIONS THE SYSTEM IS THE SOLUTION — and every system needs a fancypants name in order to be taken seriously. RapidWeaver Central's Modular Design System solves a common problem for RapidWeaver webdesigners struggling to stay relevant and competitive in a highly competitive market: how to quickly and easily add real professional style to a project to make it stand out from the crowd.