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From Times Gone By


When historians come to record the momentous advances made in this Brave New Millennium, they will no doubt focus on the more newsworthy events like the emergence of RapidWeaver Central as a global force of inspiration.

But if historians have one failing, other than their disproportionate appreciation of the amber nectar, it is their inability to record the causal minutae that, like every electromagnetic pulse and flap of a butterfly's wing, touch the inspirational chords of our hearts and send their chaotic waves rippling out across the trackless oceans of SpaceTime to burst upon those fateful shores we dare to call our future.

It is no coincidence that the learning curves of our lives resonate within the same dynamic fields and harmonic extremes as the Earth and ionosphere: we are all one, tuned to the same frequency and forged from the same cosmic dust in the same crucible of creation.

We are all cause and we are all effect.

Which is, I guess, just my convoluted way of saying that without you, idle reader, there would be no RapidWeaver Central. You are my raison d'etre, the only reason I get out of bed in the afternoon. We are bound, you and I, in the universal dance of an endless moment, woven into the same sensual fabric of miraculous existence.

We weave, therefore we are.

So I thank you. For your continued custom, feedback, support and encouragement.

Now enjoy these sacred relics so coveted by the Illuminati.


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