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Going Maximal

Much of our new design owes its style and structure to the success of our Maximal Design Style Modules. As extremely good-looking web developers with a constant eye on our reflection, we’re sempiternally exploring new systems to bring our designs to life in ways that will speed up our design process, enhance our skills and reputation, and ultimately increase our profits. And modularity is the natural way to go.

Of course, modularity is nothing new. It’s been around since long before Time and the Internet began. Tim Berners-Lee holds that simple things make firm foundations, and that one of modularity’s basic strengths is that one module in a system can evolve independently or be replaced without affecting any of the others.

From our weaving point of view this makes perfect sense. Instead of looking at each website in isolation — as its own unique system with singular challenges, requiring its own system of solutions — we can now go modular.

Modularity allows us to break complex websites and page-layouts down into modular sections that can be used, re-used and repurposed in other projects.

Again, nothing new. In our own tiny corner of the Weaververse, RapidWeaver is modular, Stacks is beautifully modular, and Foundation is also modular. What is new, though, is the combination of Big White Duck stacks and Maximal Design.

Mix all these catalytic components together and what you get is nothing less than a perfect storm of modular design.

What does all that mean?

For us, continuing our mission to bring modularity to all corners of our RapidWeaver Central empire.

For you, dear Weaver, a veritable feast of new Maximal Design modules that are already in production and slated for release in May.

Exciting times ahead.

Marten ClaridgePeebles, Scotland

evolution — what’s coming next


First up, we’ll bring our popular reviews back online, and this should be within the next few weeks. Rob Beattie already has some interesting stack reviews ready to go, so it’s only a matter of getting the backend up and running.


Second up, we’ll drag all the WeaverThings pages screaming into a sense of modularity.


Third, we’ll do the same for the all the FreeThings in the Freebies section, which will obviously take a lot longer because of the sheer number of them.


Just because this is lower down the list doesn’t mean we’ll be leaving this till later. StackCentral is still a very popular resource for many users and there are some great stacks to be found in there that don’t exist on other resources. Behind the scenes, we’re currently repositioning our rather delicious backend to facilitate entry.


Not a priority right now but we’ll be updating this resource and bringing it back once all the above is complete.

Run With The Herd

Tread in a lot of shit

Maximal Design Style Modules

The Path Least Travelled

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."

Red Adair

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