Quantum Edge Pricinghow it works

Quantum Edge Bundle Approx. £149/€169

18 Section Modules Bundle Approx. £128/€145

5 Full Page Bundle Approx. £99/€110

Card Modules Bundle Approx. £45/€51

Want To Upgrade and Still Save $333?Buy, Try, Upgrade — and Never Lose Out!

If you buy any number of our modules individually and then decide you want to buy the whole Quantum Edge Bundle and still take advantage of our colossal $333 discount offer, no problem — simply get in touch with your purchase details and I'll send you an upgrade discount code.

Purchase Individually

Each Full Page Module Approx. £24/€27

Each Section Module Approx. £9.50/€11

Each Card ModuleApprox. £7.50/€8.5

Footer ModulesApprox. £14.95/€16.95

iPhone ModulesApprox. £9.50/€11

Warp ModulesApprox. £9.50/€11