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The Duck Soup Bundle contains five Project Packs below: Chico, Groucho, Gummo, Harpo, and Zeppo. You can buy them individually (£20) or buy the bundle and save £30. You can also buy one pack and then upgrade to the bundle and still get the £30 discount.

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One Video. Three sections. Twelve very long minutes.


Duck Soup Style Modules are highly productive solutions for professional Weavers who need to add quick, easy and highly detailed style to their projects that will give them an immediate edge on their competitors, and their clients the sophistication and added value they think they can't afford.


Each meticulously crafted module is powered by a combination of Big White Duck's most resourceful stacks.

Responsiveto your needs

Each module is a fully responsive, highly configurable, self-contained section of a page that can be copied and pasted into any Stacks page.

ProfessionalAdded Value

Each standalone module has its own individual style, and conveys a professional first impression of a web-designer at the top of their game.

In terms of sheer design power and versatility, no other combination of stacks in the whole RapidWeaver ecosystem comes close to matching Big White Duck's layout stacks' capabilities.



Each project contains one RapidWeaver project file with five Stacks pages.


Each page in the project file contains between five and ten style modules.


Each pack contains between 29 and 37 Style Modules.


Bonus Version

These modules do not require Foundation and will work in most Stacks pages in most responsive themes — although they'll probably need some tweaking.

“Wow... brilliant! Finally, magazine-style design and quality comes to RapidWeaver: web design for designers! These modules are going to save me hours of work and make me look even cooler in the process! Nice one, Marten, these are exactly the direction I think things are, and should be, going."

Michael FranklandCEO, Yuzool Themes


Part of The Duck Soup Bundle


Part of The Duck Soup Bundle


Part of The Duck Soup Bundle

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Are You Experienced?



Read Before Purchase



Read Before Purchase



Read Before Purchase

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Maximal Design Sessionsfree help and tutorial sessions — live!


Each session lasts two hours and has a limited number of participants. This allows for a tight focus on real-world project issues and module specific tuition. For example, learn how to:

  • Overlap content with BluePrint
  • Master BluePrint Sidebar
  • Mask Content With Gradients
  • Use Sections Pro, Sections Box, Blueprint Child stacks
  • Animate elements with Sections Pro and Sections Box
  • Work with Google Fonts
  • Use BluePrint to make Responsive Design easier


"Maximal Design is a stellar project that gives you beautiful building blocks for your next website. I cannot stress how much time these will save you. Did I mention that they are stunning? Bravo!"

Joe WorkmanRapidWeaver Supremo

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