We're a small yet perfectly formed team, with so much beauty, talent and experience to share in so many creative disciplines that we are subject to bouts of narcissistic ecstasy if we dwell on our brilliance too long. Fortunately you have no such excuse. Read on.


Founder of RapidWeaver Central, Digital Designer, Developer of WeaverThings and Maximal Design Style Modules, and fabled Author of Books.

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Perfect Storm

What sets me apart as a professional Web Developer is that I’ve travelled a unique path to get here, and it’s only now that the sum of my pasts is paying dividends. I’m now a perfect storm of all the skills, understanding, knowledge and experience required of a One Man Studio and as such am the perfect fit for businesses who need a cost-effective yet high-value solution for all their online demands.

"Angus MacPheep is my alter ego, the man behind the mask, the right-brain to my left-brain, the yin to my yang, the thing to my thang, the ghost in my machine."

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Perfect Fuckwit

Don’t be fooled by his suave good looks and reckless disregard for convention — he’s the real driving-force behind RapidWeaver Central. Whereas Claridge is a methodical drone, a highly organized get-things-done businessnerd with an internal dialogue comprised solely of the latest marketing buzzwords, MacPheep is a madly intuitive aesthete with a wild imagination who makes inspirational leaps of faith and conjures pixel-perfect design magic from the uninspiring ether. He’s also a real hit with the ladies.

Why all the trains?

When I first envisaged RapidWeaver Central I saw it as an inspirational design and resource hub for all the Weavers like myself who had a destination in mind and wanted to get there fast. New York's Grand Central captured that vision and so the name, motif and thematic gradually became the essence of the brand.

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Rob doesn't let his secret life as a rock star get in the way of his independent product reviews, which are highly valued throughout the RapidWeaver community.

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Senior Editor

Chief Reviewer
Rock Star


A Bustling Community of Weavers

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the birth ofstackcentral

When YourHead’s Stacks emerged upon the scene and generated a whole new market in the community, I created the first and only central stack resource, StackCentral.

After a couple of years and an explosion of new stacks on the market it came to a point where I could no longer maintain the list without a substantial database and CMS functionality — so I joined forces with Gille who had founded a WordPress database of stacks called StacksCenter. In 2014 Gille ceded that resource back to me and together we integrated its database into a new hybrid version of RapidWeaver Central.


All good things come to an end.

It's been a long time coming but once again our race is run. We no longer have the luxury of time to maintain our StackCentral database and have now retired it to the archive until such time as the community calls upon us again in a time of need. In the meantime, for those who can't live without it, you can still access the archive here, and for those arriving late to the party, there are still some real gems to be discovered that you won’t find anywhere else in the universe.

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