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While there are a couple of dedicated calculation stacks for Rapidweaver – 1LD’s Formula and Stacks4Stacks’ CalcStack – Total Calculator is rather different.

Instead of being designed to handle fancy mathematical formulas, Total Calculator simply adds stuff up, applies a sales tax – if your item or service needs one – and then displays the result. What’s clever about the stack is the way it lets visitors to your website select different options from a ‘shopping list’ of items of services to produce a total cost, depending on your selection, add tax and then print the result or save it as a PDF – complete with your logo and contact details.

Let’s take a quick look at Total Calculator in action.

You get two stacks – Total Calculator and Total Calculator Item. Drop the first stack onto the page and then use the second to create your list of items/services, together with a short description and price for each. When displayed, each item has a checkbox so visitors can select or deselect it, together with a title and description. Having selected something, Total Calculator then displays a ‘+’ or ‘-‘ icon next to it, so visitors can select multiples of an item. The running total is displayed at the bottom of the list, together with a Print Invoice button – more of which later.

There are options galore in Total Calculator. You can set the currency symbol and its position, define where the separators go, include a percentage for any required sales tax and set it to appear above the pre-tax total at the bottom of the list. There are 13 fonts to choose from or you can select a custom font (if you know what you’re doing – instructions for this are non-existent) set the size, weight and colour of your text, define spacing, set a maximum width for the stack (it re-jigs itself nicely on small screens) define the background, set various on-hover effects (for example a coloured background or a shadow) and so on.

Total Calculator also displays a Print button underneath the list. By default this is labelled Print Invoice but you can change that to whatever you like – Print Estimate makes more sense to us – and then define what you’d like it to display.

It’ll show the calculation and result of course, but you can also add a company logo, define the labels for your various fields (product or service, quantity, price, pre-tax cost and so on) as well as postal address and other contact info. This allows you to put together a professional-looking estimate or summary of costs that a customer can print out (or save as a PDF) and then keep for future reference.

Total Calculator has one more trick up its electronic sleeve – the ability to add custom items to the bottom of the list so a visitor can add a new name, price and description, save it and then select it to be added to their estimate. This feels like a potentially useful feature for companies who need to send out quick estimates to customers but we’re not quite able to settle on a practical use for visitors to a website yet. In addition, any items added by your visitors will disappear as soon as the page is refreshed.

With its wide range of formatting options, and clever use of the PDF estimate/invoice, Total Calculator is an excellent way to add a ‘shopping list’ of items or services to your website. It’s easy to deploy, looks good and works well across a variety of themes.

Rob Beattie

Rob Beattie is a freelance copywriter who designs sites using Rapidweaver. He's been reviewing computer hardware, software and web services since 1981. Yes...that long. And he's also the author of 101 Things to Do in a Shed, Fishing: A Very Peculiar History, and The Bluffer's Guide to Fishing.