Review18th June 2018

Part The First of Rob Beattie’s roundup of recent Weavium stacks, featuring Bars, Flex, Job Board and Quick Menu. Part The Second will follow later this week.

Review9th June 2018

It’s another small step for Weaverkind as Rob Hall takes you step-by-step through 1LD’s Step Stack, which gives you easy step-by-step guided content sections for RapidWeaver.

Review7th June 2018

Part Two of Rob Beattie’s roundup review featuring recent Marathia stacks. This time we take a damn good squint at the Truncator and DownloadLinkIcon stacks, as well as his Tippy…

Review31st May 2018

Part One of Rob Beattie’s roundup review of recent Marathia stacks takes a look at his BigLink, Media Queries, and Oneliner stacks. Part Two will focus on Truncator and DownloadLinkIcon,…

Review20th December 2017

Want to design your own shopfront and take card and PayPal payments? Yuzool’s got you covered — options and elegance abound in their terrific new version of Cart.

Review24th August 2017

Rob Beattie was looking to style up his email newsletters and found the rich, visual environment of Joe Workman’s Email for Rapidweaver incredibly useful.

Review28th July 2017

The Great and the Free. Rob Beattie casts his discerning eye over three great utility stacks that may have slipped under your radar. And they’re free.

Review14th July 2017

Slick, rock solid and versatile — Rob Beattie finds Nick Cates’ Velvet Video stacks a great way to display YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Review2nd July 2017

Rapid Ideas’ YouPlay Stack is a powerful and inexpensive way to get a Vimeo or YouTube video library running on your website that you can then update yourself.

Review19th June 2017

Formula is one of a new breed of sophisticated stacks that are great value for money and really extend Rapidweaver into brave new worlds of functionality.