CaptiononImage Stack

CaptiononImage stack | Marathia | €5.00

No prizes for guessing what we’re dealing with here – yep, it’s a super-simple way to overlay captions – with or without effects – on top of your images on a Stacks page.

At its most basic, you can use the stack to position a caption at the top, bottom or in the middle of an image, and then make it stand out using Stack’s own background colour and opacity controls. You can also set the caption to appear or disappear when a visitor hovers the mouse pointer over the image, or add an overlay effect to the image itself – for example, opaque, blurred, greyscale or sepia.

You can define the position of the caption more specifically in percentages or pixels – perhaps to take account of the contents of the image itself – and this makes it easier to ensure the caption works across large and small screens. You can also define any CaptiononImage stack as a link which makes it suitable for creating image-based navigation that points visitors towards specific website highlights. Images can be dragged and dropped onto your Stacks page or warehoused remotely, which is useful; you can also swap one image for another on hover and while this isn’t obvious, if you check out the excellent instructions here, you’ll find out how to do it.

It doesn’t have anything like the sophistication of something like Big White Duck’s SectionsBOX but it’s nothing like as head-scratching either, so if you’re after an inexpensive way to add hover captions or other text on top of your pictures, this is five Euros well worth spending.

Rob Beattie

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