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Oct 4th 2018 — Part One

Steampunk Reviewer Rob Beattie

You don’t have to be a philosopher to know that ‘Shaking the Habitual’  is a term coined by Michel Foucault. Well, actually, you probably do. But that’s not our fault.

Nor Stuart Marshall’s. He stumbled across RapidWeaver barely a year ago because he needed to build a website for his iOS app versusapp.net. And just like all the rest of us sad WeaverHolics, he got totally hooked and ended up buying ‘a stupid and unnecessary amount of stacks for no real reason‘.

Then Fate intervened.

But not for long  —  he’d got the wrong address.

Which was around the time that Stuart noticed a ‘quiz and charts’ gap in the stacks market, and embarked upon his perilous journey to plug it very neatly with Quizzer and Charter


Review31st October 2016

Every now and then a product comes along that reminds you of everything that makes Rapidweaver such a delight to build professional websites. Screens is…

Review18th October 2016

OpenStreetMap is a fine little stack which is sure to find its way onto many a Rapidweaver ‘Contact Us’ page both now and in the…

Doobox Countup Stack Review
Review13th October 2016

Count Up stack is a useful, inexpensive stack which will save you time when trying to draw your visitors’ attention to important statistical information.

Review9th October 2016

Gallery 3 is a major player in the slider/gallery/lightbox world and deserves serious consideration, especially for the number of variations and CMS integrations you get…

Review9th August 2016

Its tiny footprint and effortless set up makes LiteBox a good choice for anyone who needs to lightbox a few images on their pages with…

Review16th July 2016

Adding audio to a site made simple. When space is tight or you need multiple tracks on a page, Rob Beattie finds this reliable one-track…

Review8th July 2016

Don’t be a lert, check out Will Woodgate’s Alert Bar. Rob Beattie sees it as one more handy little Stacks4Stacks stack that’s available for free.

Review4th July 2016

There’s a very good reason Rob Beattie writes most of our reviews. Angus MacPheep gets all steamed up about the new Pulse CMS Stack and…

Review22nd June 2016

Excellent warehouse-friendly responsive image stack with some very nice, lightweight special visual effects. Another worthy contender for your Stacks Favourites Library.

Review15th June 2016

Rob Beattie runs the rule over a couple of standout stacks from Will Woodgate’s expanding universe of free Stacks4Stacks.

Review11th June 2016

Impeccably Elixir. Pop is a great little stack for sprinkling electronic fairy dust over your links.

Review8th June 2016

“Immensely powerful, extremely versatile and looks great with minimal tweaking” — Sadly, Rob Beattie is talking about Nick Cate’s Photo Stack and not me.

Review5th June 2016

There is one constant in the diminishing RapidWeaver theme market — and his name is Henk Vrieselaar. No other theme developer consistently delivers such simple…

Review31st May 2016

Video Stack is a quick and extremely flexible way to get a video playlist onto your website with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Review25th May 2016

Header Pro is a worthy Stack of the Year contender. Treat yourself. There’s just so much good stuff under the bonnet you can look forward…

Review19th May 2016

Sentry v2 represents a significant change of direction for Nimblehost’s original Sentry stack and we’re convinced it’ll develop into a very useful – and attractive…

Review12th May 2016

Panoramic is a free responsive theme from Will Woodgate at Themeflood, great for beginners getting to grips with RapidWeaver themes

Review29th April 2016

A great foundation for Foundation. We think Hipster Weaver’s professional project approach has real legs and at an excellent price point.

Review23rd April 2016

Enjoy pain? Look eleswhere. Because Ron Beattie has found the most painless way to add search to your Rapidweaver website.

Review19th April 2016

Everything’s coming up roses in Marathia’s garden as Rob Beattie unearths a nifty no-brainer for aficionados of Rapidweaver’s built-in Photo Album page.

Review16th April 2016

Rob Beattie takes a look at Stacks4Stacks free banner utilty and applauds its ease of use.

Review11th April 2016

There’s a Big White terrorizing the RapidWeaver shores and this one’s got a razor-sharp bill. Rob Beattie overcomes his fears and finds a spectacular free…

Review6th April 2016

For anyone creating a site with lots of images, Rob Beattie’s found one very slick theme that packs a Henk of a lot of flexibility…

Review1st April 2016

Rob Beattie finds this simple to use and very inexpensive update is a great solution for anyone looking for an image lightbox that works with…

Review23rd March 2016

Rob Beattie finds it in his cold stone heart to cast his cruel professional eye across a handful of my recent Things.

Review23rd March 2016

If you want the box shadow effect, Rob Beattie reckons this neat little free stack is the real slim Shady.

Review21st March 2016

Somewhere in a parallax universe there’s a trend for uni-dimensional effects, but here on Earth, Rob Beattie has to make do with three dimensions. Nevertheless…

Review10th March 2016

Being old enough to have owned an original IBM Graphics Printer in the early 1980s, Rob Beattie’s a fan of this clever little stack.

Review28th February 2016

Rob Beattie takes to the Grid and discovers its strength, like many Doobox stacks, is in its excellent balance of style and simplicity.

Review26th February 2016

Rob Beattie finds HoverLiftThing is an excellent way to introduce a sophisticated, subtle animation to your Stacks pages.

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