What could be more pointless?

If you have an insatiable ego as big as mine then you need to keep the world apprised of your every heartbeat. Which is why you need TwitterThing. It doesn't just say "Look at me, aren't I clever!" it says it in a style that will satisfy the demands of even the most demanding of egos.



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  1. Follow Text: Insert the follow text for your TwitterThing
  2. Text Size: Choose the font size of the text.
  3. Text Color: Choose your text color.
  4. Twitter Link: Set the link for your button.
  5. Uppercase: Select if you want the button text to be uppercase.
  6. Bold? Check here if you want bold text.
  7. Letter Spacing? Check here if you want a little extra letter-spacing.
  8. Text Shadow: Select if you want the button text to have a delicate dropshadow.
  9. Slide Width: Set the width of your TwitterThing here.


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