The kate moss of stacks: flat, fashionable, and almost Responsive.

This is how Windows does Metro-style tiles — they may not be particularly subtle but they do make a great impact on modern, flat and responsive designs, and make really good product tiles, link boxes, and footers so trendy they draw blood. Click one and see. As you can also see below, you can use them to make great flat social icon buttons by simply adding a Bigfoot IconThing (or any other icon) to the tile.



Stacks Image 58881


  1. Background Type: Choose between None, Color, Vertical Gradient, Horizontal Gradient, Local Image or Warehoused Image.
  2. Fixed Height: Need a fixed height for your stack? Check here and insert the height in pixels.
  3. Fixed Width: Need a fixed width for your stack? Check here and insert width in pixels.
  4. Tile Link: If you want the tile to act as a link, check here and configure the link below.


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