Get stuck in

Everyone likes to get sticky. Some people even need therapy to overcome their urges, but fortunately that's all behind me now and I can concentrate on developing stacks that stick.




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Weave Your Thing.
Love your elements. Treat your eyes. Live on the edge. Style with pheromones. Think parallel. Exceed convention. Weave Your Thing. Responsibly. And only once a day.
Quantum Yawning?

Does your website suffer from lacklustre layouts? Are your visitors falling asleep before they even read your message? Wake them up with WeaverThings!
Moderation is the easy option. Be queasy. Exceed excess. Weave your Thing relentlessly. Then have a shower. Love your elements. Slowly. Transcend the bullshit. Ignore convention. Be a WeaverThing.
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  1. Border? Check here if you want a border.
  2. Tilt? Check here if you want a tilt/angle on your container.
  3. Font Color: Choose your font color for the front caption.
  4. Angle: Set the angle of the sticky tape.
  5. Tape height: Choose your tape height .
  6. Tape Width: Choose your tape width .
  7. From Left: Distance from the left in %.
  8. From Top: Distance from the top in %.


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