Get a Slant On

Of course the posh name for SlantedThing would be ParallelogramThing but that's a hell of a freaking mouthful for something as simple as a squiffy text banner background that has a handy link option and can also be used as a button.



Is Simply
a matter
of perspective
Find Out
Find Out More
Find Out Less
Be Thankful It's Not A ParallelogramThing
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  1. Background: Choose the color for the background.
  2. Alignment: Choose from Left, Right or Center.
  3. Link: If you want SlantThing to act as a link, check here and configure the link below.
  4. Text: Insert your text for SlantThing here.
  5. Text Color: Choose your text color.
  6. Font Size: Choose the font size of the text.
  7. Text Shadow: Select if you want the button text to have a delicate dropshadow.
  8. Uppercase: Select if you want the button text to be uppercase.
  9. Bold? Check here if you want bold text.
  10. Letter Spacing? Check here if you want a little extra letter-spacing.
  11. Rounded Corners: Select the radius (roundness) of the FoldedThing corners.
  12. Padding: Set your text padding here.
  13. Line Height: Set your line height here.


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