Coming Colours In The Air

Perfect for displaying and highlighting your standout products and services, you can also use the highly versatile FlagThing to build your own customised sales banners and dedicated calls to action.




Drop in your text and watch the colours coalesce. But let's be careful out there: the world is full of dangerous colours and not enough sickbags. Use only once per website. Better still, once per lifetime. In fact, think of it like losing your virginity — get it over with, and then get on with your life. You'll thank me in the end.

BeaverThingsBe Dammed If You Don't

Take BeaverThings, Eat Spinach and Vote With Your Ass. That's the advice health experts are now recommending for all RapidWeavers. In fact the latest Government research shows that regular use of WeaverThings in your RapidWeaver diet leads to a longer, healthier life. Side effects may include professional looking websites, more work, more money, adulation from spouses, clients, pets and peers, as well as an enhanced sex-life and susceptibility to hype, time travel, gullibility, and everlasting life.


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