Never be bored again

Watch this animated load bar slide from one edge of your stack to the other. It's amazing. Breathtaking. Sensational, spectacular, stupendous, phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable and absolutely mind-blowing — in fact there's not enough hyperbole in the world to describe how revolutionary this stack is. It'll even keep you off the streets until your next therapy session.



Stacks containing LoadBarThing benefit from being positioned near the top of the page so that users can see the effect on pageload.


Stacks Image 218591
Don't Go Crazy
Don't Do As I Do, Do as I say
In many of my examples I go way over the top simply to show you the multitude of variations possible — this is not one of those cases. However that doesn't mean you should pepper your pages with these or any other stylistic effects. Sometimes one instance is enough per website. Remember, less is more. Unless you want more, of course.


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