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It's wild out here on the frontier...And we're still building, so mind your step!


Why free? Life is short, things decay, priorities change. All I remember is waking up on an operating table in Area 51 with a mission to share my WeaverThings with the world. Although their code is beamed directly into my third consciousness from a distant Reticulan star system, I've been assured that my compulsion to share these primitive artefacts with you is perfectly normal humanoid behaviour and definitely not a vital strategic step in an interstellar conspiracy which of course does not exist.

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Sense of The Absurd Essential.

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As Pointless As PointlessThing

If you liked LoadBarThing, you're going to love PointlessThing. It has absolutely no function at all. It doesn't even look good. In fact it's a total waste of space and time. Don't even look at it.

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It's all about context

Every picture that tells a story needs a frame to set its context. That's why the Mona Lisa doesn't work in its current setting. It needs a FrameThing to truly become a masterpiece.

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coming colours in the air

All the colours of the rainbow. And then some. This stack takes your text and turns it into hippy-text — coming colours in the air, like a rainbow.

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Getting Lost Is No Fairy Tale.

Although strictly speaking BreadcrumbThing is not actually a breadcrumb trail, it can be used as such — as well as making a great way to add a series of links to content containers.

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The Times They Are A Changelogging.

I get literally thousands of requests a day asking me to build a stack that looks like my stacks Changelog design. Or maybe it was just one. Whatever. Hopefully this will get me the knighthood I both covet and deserve.

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This is a three pointer.

How to describe TriangleThing in a way even Euclid and Pythagoras would understand. A thing with three pointy corners? A polygon with three vertices and line segment edges? Answers on a postcard...

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More Pointless Than PointlessThing.

It's taken years of exhaustive research but I've finally found something as pointless as PointlessThing. Nevertheless I think the sacrifice has been worth it. I'll let you decide...

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It goes up and down.

If I am reknowned for one thing in the RapidWeaver community it is my absolute abhorrence of the gratuitous use of long words and the kind of superfluous gizmos that distract a user's attention away from valuable content.

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Helter Skelter.

Stop, go, stop, go — who knows what the hell to do in this topsy-turvy hill of beans. That's what TrafficLightThing is for, to slow us down, give us time to smell the flowers for a nanosecond before the helter-skelter whisks us on our weary way again.

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Take a load off.

Never be bored again. Watch this animated load bar slide from one edge of your stack to the other. It's amazing. In fact there's not enough hyperbole in the world to describe how revolutionary this stack is.

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War, what is it good for?

Absolutely nothing. SwitchThing, on the other hand, is good for many things. One of them is to open and close SlideThing and DropThing. Another is… Well, take it from me, everyone needs to turn on.

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Never put the bins out in your fishnet stockings again.

Inspired by our favourite bedtime game: Take a Memo, Mrs RapidWeaver Central. Or is that too much information? Or not enough information? Let me know. Send me a notething.

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As content separators and section dividers go, DottyThing certainly errs on the eccentric side. This one has a cool animation effect when it enters the users viewport...

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Not many people are aware that Charles Darwin's Law of Evolution by Natural SelectThing was inspired by this stack.

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Need a banner for your thing? Great for standout titles and headings in a banner-like thing.

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Since when has one link effect ever been enough? To hell with moderation! Here are twenty sophisticated effects to style your inline links with, one for every imaginable occasion.

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something for the weekend, sir?

Shave and a haircut? BarberPoleThing will transport you to the good old days when barbers were allowed to perform surgery on people with too much hair. Not that I'm bitter, of course…

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Need to give something a less than subtle glow? Really? Well, okay — just drop it in GlowThing, switch out the lights and warm the heart of your cockles.

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To be or not to be a lert...

This is another of my oxymoronic stacks. It's an alert box, but without the alert. Place it on your page and it sits there looking cool and alert with its animated border and fancy background options, just waiting to be dismissed.

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Cup half fool?

I really can't decide if HalfCutThing is a case of over-styling or not… but that hasn't stopped me using it all over the place. The 'inspiration' comes partly from the A List Apart website title which Mrs RapidWeaver Central thinks is crap.

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Perfect for images you want to link to other pages, this was originally a client request for stylish holiday destination links but has now transmogrified into a fully-fledged stack in its own highly resourceful right.

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Because it's shaped like a letterbox?

I don't know why I called this a LetterboxThing. Maybe it's the shape. Or the flap-effect the title shows on hover. Whatever. It's another of my multi-optioned and highly configurable content containers, with the usual emphasis on style.

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Stress Free Drop Caps.

Some developers are just disdainful about your health. Not us. We know too many options can raise your blood pressure so we help save your life by reducing your options to the barest of minimums. In this case, eight.

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Pop the weasel?

Present a clickable pricetag or call-to-action on hover? PopThing gives you a round, customisable and linkable 'button' top-right when you hover over the contents of the container.

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Everyone likes to get sticky.

Some people even need therapy to overcome their urges. Fortunately that's all behind me now and I can concentrate on getting stuck into sticky things... like stacks that stick.

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polygonal mutant

From the primordial gloop that spawned DiagonalThing and SideCapThing, comes the mutant PolyCapThing. Part diagonal image container, part polygonal text container, with a cool caption overlay with text slide effect on hover.

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don't you eat that yellow snow

The posh name for SlantedThing would be ParallelogramThing but that's a hell of a freaking mouthful for something as simple as a text banner background that can also be used as a button.

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chat shit

If you have an insatiable ego as big as mine then you need to keep the world apprised of your every heartbeat. Which is why you need TwitterThing.

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Build your project artefacts and display your events in chronological order. Fully customisable and configurable with a cool hover and scale effect.

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The Button Reveal On Hover Thing. Another cool and individual way to display sections of content.

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Have a corner? Need to link it to a thing? You need CornerLinkThing. You do. It's flat and stylish and — sin of sins — unfashionably subtle. Do you have what it takes?

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HoverTextThing is a very simple stack for those who favour the subtle over the obvious and the obvious over the subtle.

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got a bird needs flipping?

A circular stack that flips on hover to reveal more content, be it image or text. Because every Thing must have its Thang just as every Yin must have its Yang. It's the law.

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All you need is hedonistic optimism

No need to be a Child of The Sixties to appreciate the benefits of Free Love. All you need is SwingingThing and we guarantee your content will be imbued with a hedonistic optimism unrivalled by any other stack.

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This stack actually has a point.

You might be asking yourself "What is the point of this thing?" To find out, drop an image in the PointyThing stack and you'll see the point. It's a speech bubble without the bubble. Or The speech.

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Welcome to the fold

'Above the fold' is so last week we're giving you the middle of next week with FoldedThing. Just put your content inside the FoldedThing and watch it go viral. Pinch of salt required.

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Leopards may not change their stripes but they always change their socks.

Tired of dressing your websites in monotonous suits of corporate blues and greys? Think of StripeyThing as the designer socks of web design, the spice that brings a business site to life.

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Better than a kneecapping. Marginally.

No danger of overdosing on functions or lethal slide effects with SideCaptionThing, you only get one — one function, one option and one cool effect. If you can't improve on perfection, why gild the lily?

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How time flies.

This is how Windows does Metro-style tiles — they may not be particularly subtle but they do make a great impact on modern, flat and responsive designs, and make really good product tiles, link boxes, and footers so trendy they draw blood.

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Cutting edge design.

If you're looking for a way to differentiate one section of content from another in a subtle yet stylish manner then JaggedThing's what you need.

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Only uses two dimensions.

Give your stacks a cool flat shadow that is perfect for flat and modern sites - especially for those of you who like to crawl along the razor's edge of trending design.

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It's a force of nature.

You can't escape it. It's known as the Third Law of Thermodynamics and it states that the entropy of any stack in thermodynamic equilibrium requires a title as the stack approaches completion. Don't try to fight it. Resistance is futile.

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When you need a glass or two.

Need to overlay your image with contextual text? GlassThing adds a stylish dark or light glass-like layer with configurable opacity to really make your text stand out without detracting from your image.

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Terminal Blinking

You're probably not aware that you need WindowThing but current research shows that without it your website is not as cool as it could be. WindowThing gives you a highly customisable graphical window with red, orange and green icons, a gradient background, and blinking terminal-style cursor. Requires Stacks 3.

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Fashion your own stylish ads. AdThing's simple layering and gradient options will help you create really professional adverts in the blink of a dead slow eye.

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Our creepiest stack. If there's one thing it's really good at, creeping up on your website visitors is definitely it.

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Create your own stylish sidebars and content containers. Comes replete with a fully customisable ribbon and hover effect.

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Create your own stylish sidebars Added Value Container


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