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Rob Beattie » 20 december 2017

Want to design your own shopfront and take card and PayPal payments? Yuzool’s got you covered — options and elegance abound in their terrific new version of Cart.





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Don't miss our exclusive two hour Maximal Design Help and Tuition Sessions. Tight focus on real-world application and responsive design.

Maximal Design Style Modules

Maximal Design Style Modules solve a real problem for Weavers needing to stand out in a highly competitive market: how to quickly add professional style to projects.


1LD Mega Menu for RapidWeaver

Over the last twelve months, One Little Designer has produced a number of menu stacks for RapidWeaver. A continuation of the theme is the new Mega Menu which may be displayed inline, or fixed on your page.

Mega Menu can contain just about anything you want it to. If you choose the right stack, it will display your main page navigation or, as 1LD’s demo shows, Mega Menu can even contain Google Maps.

Read more at: Ninja News.

Feature Section For RapidWeaver

How do I introduce a stack that looks so simple, but is as feature rich as 1LD’s Feature Section? All Feature Section does is to present a card, or a selection of cards that feature your business, or your products. But Feature Section has so many setup possibilities that I can almost guarantee that it will never look the same on any two websites.Your aim: to present your business, or your products. Feature cards with snippets of information about your company, your employees, or the services you offer. Feature Section is a great way to do just that in a professional manner…

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Quick Menu For RapidWeaver

The past twelve months have seen a couple of menu stacks arrive on the RapidWeaver scene. Weavium just added an interesting new stack that will make your choice even more difficult than before. The fifth stack in the Weavium line-up is called Quick Menu — which is one of those stacks that makes you wonder why no one came up with this solution before now. A menu stack that appears, or disappears when and where needed and can trigger whatever you want it to trigger.

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Cart 2

Cart 2

Want to design your own shopfront and take card and PayPal payments? Yuzool's got you covered — options and elegance abound in their terrific new version of Cart.
Email For Rapidweaver

Email for Rapidweaver

Rob Beattie was looking to style up his email newsletters and found the rich, visual environment of Joe Workman's Email for Rapidweaver incredibly useful.
28th July 2017

The Great and the Free. Rob Beattie casts his discerning eye over three great utility stacks that may have slipped under your radar. And they’re free.

14th July 2017

Slick, rock solid and versatile — Rob Beattie finds Nick Cates’ Velvet Video stacks a great way to display YouTube and Vimeo videos.

2nd July 2017

Rapid Ideas’ YouPlay Stack is a powerful and inexpensive way to get a Vimeo or YouTube video library running on your website that you can then update yourself.

19th June 2017

Formula is one of a new breed of sophisticated stacks that are great value for money and really extend Rapidweaver into brave new worlds of functionality.

18th May 2017

Instacks’ Poster stack’s elegant versatility enables you to create a Stacks-based blog as well as an extremely distinctive way to present all sorts of content.

1st May 2017

Zoom is a neat little budget stack that does one thing really nicely. So if you’re looking for a stylish and subtle lightbox effect to highlight certain images on your page, Medium-style, then Marathia’s Zoom stack is a no-brainer.

8th April 2017

Partial Magic from Jochen Abitz is a selection of useful website building blocks for Foundation that are well worth your time and your money.

24th March 2017

Elegant and individual, Blend’s distinctive pillar-style logo, title and sidebar area on the left and slinky, slide-out menu on the right gives it a real classy vibe that makes it suitable for building all manner of professional websites.





Zoom Stack


Paddy Stacks


LinkPlus Stack


SetOpacity Stack


LineBreakHeight Stack


PhotoAlbumRedirect Stack
















Lister Stack


Doorkeeper Stack


FlexClock Stack

Bryn Owen Design

FixMe Stack


Image ReSize Stack


Foundation Starter Pack — Top Bar Stack

Joe Workman

Dropkick CMS Stack

Yuzool Themes

Foundation Addon Pack 1 — Animate Stack

Joe Workman

PowerGrid CSV Stack

Joe Workman

TitleType Stack


MasterGallery Stack


SiteCake Stack


Undercover Stack

Barz Stacks

Filesprout Stack

Yuzool Themes

Dribbble Stack


Foundation Addon Pack 2 — Pillar Stack

Joe Workman

ImageCaption Stack


Global Content Stack

Joe Workman

Trunk8 Stack


Button Plus Stack

Big White Duck

Flipit Stack

Barz Stacks


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Developed and refined over the last 10 years Marten Claridge’s Theory of Weaverlution is a practical process that combines dramatic structures, storytelling techniques and marketing strategies in a comprehensive yet simple system that will help you plan, plot, focus and create powerful and productive projects from scratch. 


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