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Video Stack | Yuzool Themes | $14.95

The responsive Video stack from Yuzool is a quick and elegant way to display a video playlist on your website that adapts neatly to the width of whatever container it’s sitting inside. That means it’s equally at home displaying large, widescreen edge-to-edge videos but also happy sitting inside a column stack occupying 30 per cent of the page width – the controls and playlist neatly re-arrange themselves to suit the available space. Playlists like this are impressive when they’re full width but also save space when there’s not a lot of screen real estate to play with.

The stack can be used to display videos encoded in MP4 (Apple’s M4V format or H.264) WebM or ones stored on YouTube; so it’s flexible enough to be deployed for self-hosted videos or ones pulled in from the web’s most popular video library. You can also mix and match self-hosted/YouTube videos in the same playlist and display any of the supported file formats on a video-by-video basis; this is really useful and recognises that in the real world not everyone encodes videos the same way.

To use the Video Stack, just drag it onto the page and set up the basic configuration – light or dark theme, whether videos should autoplay, whether controls (shuffle, volume, full screen and so on) should be displayed, define the height of the playlist and set the default volume. After that, just add your videos one at a time using the ‘+’ button inside the stack. Each clip has space for a title, artist, video type and then a couple of links – one to the video itself, the other to a still image which you can use as a static poster for when the video’s not playing. By default your visitors won’t be able to download your videos but you can turn this feature back on and the Video stack will display a link to the original file, whether it’s warehoused or stored on YouTube. Oh, and if you want to change the order of videos in the list you can just drag and drop them into a new position.

It would be nice to have a little more control over the look and feel of the player – light and dark are good options but they may not always match the style of your chosen theme and we’d like to be able to control the padding above and below the controls a bit – but that aside Video Stack is a quick and extremely flexible way to get a video playlist onto your website with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Rob Beattie

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