Transparency is good for many things, Rob Hall discovers — just not his mother-in-law’s negligee.

I often make use of transparent backgrounds on my websites. Obviously Jeroen does too. He sent me a mail yesterday to inform me that he has just released SuperB&B.

SuperB&B (Borders and Backgrounds) from Marathia makes working with transparent backgrounds as simple as setting a value for transparency and, as the name implies, for borders too.SuperB&B is very similar to Glass, which I quickly mentioned a few months ago, but has a few subtle differences. The stack is simple to use and allows some great effects with just a few clicks.First off, you can set the stack to contain an image or to contain further stacks. Choosing ‘Single image only’ let’s you drop a translucent image onto your page and apply a border to it.

If, instead, you set ‘text/mixed’, you can add a background image, a solid colour or a gradient to SuperB&B and add in text and images as overlays.

Once you have added an background to SuperB&B, you may set a value for its transparency. It should be noted that the gradients – which are based on ColorZilla’s Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator – are very smooth and subtle.

Borders can be added either inside or outside of SuperB&B and may also be translucent. There is a choice of border effects which include dashed or grooved lines, etc. Be aware, however, that Firefox has an ancient bug that prevents the corners of dashed or dotted lines from rendering correctly when a radius is set.

SuperB&B can be nested to achieve some very interesting effects. Only your imagination will set limits on what you can do with this stack. The results are, of course, responsive.

Stuck for ideas already? For six demo pages of suggestions, visit Marathia’s SSuperB&B pages.

Marten Claridge

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