Stats Stack


Billed as “super simple website statistics every Rapidweaver user can use”, Stats is a drop-it-and-forget-about-it stack that collects page views from whichever page you drop it into and keeps counting until you refresh it.

Simply pop the stack onto any page you want to monitor, make sure it’s set to Record Stats in the HUD and that’s it; keep adding the stack to any other pages you want to track and then when you’re done, create a new page, uncheck the ‘Show in Navigation’ setting and set the stack to Administer Stats in the HUD. Add a hard-to-guess password to keep snoops at bay and then re-publish the site. Stats will start monitoring page views from that point onwards.

You can check the number of views per page by navigating to the Stats administration page you created (but didn’t put in the menu) and typing in your password; Stats then displays the number of views per page so you can see whether certain pages are more popular with your visitors than others. From here you can also reset the page count (this can be disabled if you’ve set this up for a client and want to make sure they don’t reset everything by mistake) and you can also send them an email summarising the page views for their records.

Stats is no Google Analytics but we know plenty of clients who insist on having that set up and then never look at it again. It’s very easy to deploy, will appeal to Analytics-phobics and would be particularly useful if you wanted to trial two different products or services and see – with the minimum of fuss – which one was getting the most page views.

Rob Beattie

Rob Beattie is a freelance copywriter who designs sites using Rapidweaver. He's been reviewing computer hardware, software and web services since 1981. Yes...that long. And he's also the author of 101 Things to Do in a Shed , Fishing: A Very Peculiar History , and The Bluffer's Guide to Fishing