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Scroll Scope Stack allows scrolling to its boundary while keeping the document still. Commonly in scrolling, the user hovers a mouse cursor over a scrollable element and uses a trackpad or mouse wheel to scroll the element. When an element reaches its boundary, its parent element continues scrolling… Scroll Scope Stack is designed to fix this issue.

Rails Stack — One page site design, in any RapidWeaver theme. One page site design has remained popular because scrolling down a page is refreshingly easy.

ImageWizard simplifies your handling of images in Stacks, by combining over a dozen different stacks into just one. With ImageWizard you can quickly apply gorgeous image filters, rollover animation effects, rounded corners, shadow effects, hyperlinks, simple captions, Pinterest sharing buttons, retina image support, inset borders and a whole range of other beautiful embellishments.

Parallax Box Stack is a responsive two column stack with parallax effect, where one column moves to a slower rate than the other. Innovative settings like container inertia and adjuster are included, as well as column width, break points and invert options.

This Caffeine stack is all about increasing the page load speed of pages that contain large or many images. Tested to increase initial page loads by 20x.

Typer Stack types out text, corrects text, replaces text. Create an animated typing effect, animate headlines and lots more. Typer allows you to specify a series of words or phases, Smart Replace will just highlight and replace those characters and words that are changed from one phase to the next.

The SmartFloat stack makes it possible to float any content responsively. In other words: there’s a ‘floating element’ (left or right) and a ‘wrapping element’ (usually with mainly text) wrapping around it. On smaller screens, the floating element can be shown above the wrapping element.

Footer Zero Stack creates a fixed container on the bottom of the page that will slide-in using the animation option after a given amount of page scroll.

This stack is ideal if you want to quickly deploy a basic, no-frills image or text slider, in instances where you don’t need the full customisable power that stacks like  StackSliderQuoteSlider or RefinedSlider provide.

One of the best in its category, the RefinedSlider stack gives you the power to create richly-engaging slideshows, with huge scope to customise both the style and behaviour of completed image sliders.

Hunter 3 Stack allows users to quickly find what they are looking for, by filtering large amounts of content based on defined categories.

Quickly and easily create beautiful, vertical timelines. The Timeline stack comes with gorgeous preset styles, or you can create your own look. It also features beautiful, fluid animations.