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Our stack is simplicity itself: drop the Preloader stack onto the top of your page then select the preloader effect you would like to be shown at pageload.

It couldn’t be easier with our Countdown stack. Simply set the launch date, tweak its appearance until it it looks just the way you like it.

Pricing tables can be a vey effective way of presenting sales content. This one is responsive with options to enable seamless integration into your design.

The Slider stack is designed to be lightweight and quick to set up and use while still offering all the options you would expect from a quality slider.

Our contact form is designed to be quick and easy to deploy while still offering lots of different styling options and flexibility. Represents great value for money.

Our Google maps stack offers nine different Snazzy Maps styles, a clickable location pin which can reveal text labels, StreetView support and zoom in-out.

Type in the name of the Google Font you would like for the content within and it does the rest for you. The stack offers options for font colours, text shadowing and blurs, line and word spacing, link styling and more.

A super-simple stack to create eye-catching tinted banners, TintStack starts with a static background image, which you can then overlay with a tinted colour fill and content. Within a matter of seconds you’ll have a beautiful banner that can be placed in the normal page flow.

Easy CMS provides an essential online editing solution for your RapidWeaver websites, even including text content from 3rd party stacks. Managing images could not be easier.

Total CMS provides a complete online editing solution for your RapidWeaver websites, even including text content from 3rd party stacks.

Slider Classic is a powerful slider that simplifies the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices. Drag & drop an unlimited number of images into the container, link images hosted on a server or in RapidWeaver resource folder, add links to the images and play videos: all mixed together.

Tabs2  Stack is a responsive Tab Stack. When the stack is viewed on smaller screen sizes, where the tabs may be too wide to still fit in the available horizontal space, it automatically switches into an accordion mode, with a few more tricks up it’s sleeve.