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Have all your social networks in an animated bubble. All icons are provided from the popular Font Awesome sets included in many themes.

Optic Stats is a professional way to show off your personal or company statistics. Perfect for portfolio, business, and fund raising websites.

The Morphist stack makes it possible to rotate pieces of content, one after the other with groovy CSS3 animations. Awesome for making slide shows, carousels, etc.

Apply gradient or parallax backgrounds with only a single-appliance of the Stack onto the page. It is also built to assist nine backgrounds of the Extra Content Stack.

The Morphext stack makes it possible to show pieces of text in rotation (one after the other) with cool CSS3 animations. Awesome for displaying eye catching texts like testimonies, quotes, etc.

Site Editor for RapidWeaver. EditsPRO builds on the idea behind the Kuler Edits stack and adds a lot of the most requested features from users.

This stack makes it possible to use Font Awesome in themes that don’t support it. It has some options to make developing sites with Font Awesome a little easier.

Find a solid color as a background is too plain? Don’t want a full page background image or a tiled image? You need our Simple Background Gradient Stack!

SuperFlex 3 Stack — New slide Media Type architecture with a ‘slide anything’ purpose-built control incorporating a powerful new array of controls. With a glance, know essential slideshow settings without visual clutter.

Stack Lightbox 3 was rewritten especially for Stacks 3. Responsive and light-weight this one is your choice for displaying content in an outstanding way.

Four Boxes is made of four tiles that move individually, making one image to split while scaling up the new image. This combines into a really nice effect with the use of CSS 3D transforms, transitions and animations. In addition to this effect there are also two more variations: lateral and fall.

The PriceList stack makes it possible to create lists with a description to the left, a price (or other information) to the right and a horizontal line in between, for example for a restaurant menu. The list can be configured extensively.