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An innovative website searching addon for RapidWeaver. The emphasis of SimpleSearch is on speed, efficiency and reliability.

Is your business actually open when a visitor from the other side of the world visits your website? Opening Hours Stack knows where both you and your visitor are in the world, and offsets their current time to your location time, even accounting for DST (daylight saving time).

SEO-Rx Stack is SEO for RapidWeaver and will help you see how well your webpage’s SEO will do before you publish, generating a preview of how your page will appear in search results and give you a score of how well you are doing with your SEO.

The LightboxMe stack is the ideal solution when you want to show one or a few items in a lightbox. Highly customizable, easy to work with and light-weight.

With Boom Stack you have total freedom to place individual audio tracks anywhere in your page, while each track remains inextricably linked to the others.

Check Stack gives you smart responsive, checklists, with 43 built in vector checkmarks.

Raise your content above the norm and imbue your content with a really cool, yet subtle, dropshadow effect on hover. Also included is BackgroundThing, a background-gradient stack to help you create really stunning effects.

Jet Stack is able to add animations to any other stack as it appears in the window. None of the animations you use will be clipped by the container you use them.

Filter is a Stacks 3 stack element that allows the designer to easily create lists of items that can be displayed and filtered in magical ways.

Reflow Stack is the simplest responsive layout stack to understand and use. Can be used as 1, 2, 3, or 4 column stack. Optionally hide any of the columns on any number of your chosen screen sizes.

With Modular Image stack we can develop an expanding slider with unlimited sets of images, for RapidWeaver and Stacks 3 and above.

The Blink! and Marquee! stacks bring back the nineties with <blink> and <marquee> elements for RapidWeaver users — using the latest CSS3 technology.