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Stylish responsive content container with a slick toggle functionality Comes with Font Awesome icons and all our usual style and custom controls.

Simple stack for quickly applying attractive box shadow effects on blocks of content, Shady is built for Stacks 3 and is perfect compliment for ThemeFlood theme designs.

With SimpleListThing you can create simple yet stylish lists with individual Font Awesome icons. Requires Stacks 3.

Colour to greyscale image rollovers. DotMatrix Stack works well for a stylish portfolio gallery or just a one of image deployed anywhere in your page.

DotMatrix stack creates an animated scrolling-marquee effect, using pure CSS animation effects, ideal for temporarily displaying important messages to your website users.

ImagePack provides a unique 3D ‘Pack’ layout of images and allows the user to browse through the gallery of large image versions while still in-page and uses button navigation on desktops & swipe functionality for mobile browsers.

Lister stack is the only stack you need for generating beautiful bulleted or numbered lists, in just a few clicks!

A highly customisable graphical window with red, orange and green icons, a gradient background, and blinking terminal-style cursor.

HalfShadowThing adds a very stylish dropshadow effect on half your stack in idle mode, that then lifts the whole stack off the page on hover.

ShowThing packs a lot of power in its punch with its two hidden areas and cool revelationary hover effects. Perfect for displaying products or team members.

Responsive Tabs – Supports Nested Tabs. With tabs, you can organize your content in a neat and accessible manner. When viewed on a mobile device, the tabs become an accordion so your content looks good on different devices.

The stack makes it super simple to greate trully responsive grid type layouts in any responsive theme. Javascript free, and with a tiny footpint, this is still the most advanced grid layout made to date.