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Create vertical timelines in your projects. Roadmap helps you create a responsive vertical timelines to show a process, “how it works” pages, a sequence of events or social proof that your service rocks.

Slide Stack is a simple and bloat-free HTML5 and SEO friendly CSS3 image slider for RapidWeaver. Add retina sharp images to this responsive slider with support for touch and mobile, Slide is the essential image slider Stack.

Build your email newsletter list or get registrations for any event. Register is a quick and easy way to securely setup registration for events or grow your email marketing list.

Quickly and easily show a blog RSS feed on your website. Feed is a great way to easily show a blog or website news feed on your RapidWeaver site. Add your feed url to the Stack then customise away to make it blend into your site design.

Sell your digital stuff anywhere with copy and paste. No more coding hassles or file delivery worries when selling digital products. Filesprout makes it easy to upload, set a price and sell your digital stuff.

Add a simple and stylish audio player to your band’s RapidWeaver project in minutes. Preview tracks and artwork, show a set or album playlist and link directly to digital downloads to sell your tracks.

Hide your site content for the price of a Tweet. Easily hide your secret or giveaway content for the price of a tweet. Users have to tweet-to-unlock to view your selected content.

Simple and responsive lightweight tab Stack for big information sites in RapidWeaver. Pages with lots of content can be broken down with a tab navigation within any Stacks page in RapidWeaver. Set animation, cycle speed, colours and add up to 10 tabs per Tably Stack. Review.

Edit your RapidWeaver site content from anywhere.Dropkick CMS is a powerful and lightweight content management system that allows you or your clients to edit your RapidWeaver site from a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Font Resizer Ultimate Stack — Fully customizable, easy-to-use, jQuery-based ultimate font resizer for RapidWeaver

Beautiful typography for your RapidWeaver Projects. Liven up web copy and headers with over 20+ predesigned and professional typographic styles. Powered by the most gorgeous Google Fonts.

BootSnap Addon Stacks Kit #2. BootSnap is a killer combination of Theme + Stacks that add the power of BootStrap to your RapidWeaver site. The theme and stacks work together to setup a fully responsive environment – this means your site will look great on all browsers and devices.