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AudioPlayer stack is simple to set up and contains dozens of customisable settings to design and deploy beautiful audio players that will work in just about any web browser.

Remote Image Stack is the missing stack for reusing images inside the resources area, or from external sources. Just link the image, and you are ready to go.

Page Flux Stack is a RapidWeaver stack that adds fluid loading animations in-between the pages of any RapidWeaver website.

Use AlertBar Stack to prominently broadcast important information or messages to your website users. It can be used to advertise special events, a promotion, newsletter signup, new products

Horizontal rules are a great addition to almost any website. Unlike normal horizontal rules, our brilliant RuleStack combines lines with attractive Font Awesome icons.

Display a picture, combine it with an overlaid caption and set the whole thing set as a link. HighLight Stack is perfect for highlighting new or interesting things on your website and encouraging people to navigate further.

StandOut Stack creates a magazine-style block and is perfect to use for personal bios, pricing tables, product comparisons, audio players or just an interesting way of presenting images and captions on webpages.

With an 85% discount MultiButtonThing is a real no-brainer. You get 22 sophisticated, fully customisable buttons for one amazing price, which makes it the best value on the market!

With this stack, you can wrap other stacks in a HTML element and optionally add attributes. If you ever do manual coding on a RapidWeaver page, you’ll understand how useful that can be.

If you ever wanted a quick view at the code the stacks on the page generates, this stack is for you. The Keyhole Stack will show the CSS, JavaScript or PHP in Preview mode, but not in Edit mode.

CircularThing doesn’t have all the features of DiskThing but  it does give you responsive round linkable images with subtle hover effects that work beautifully on all devices.

HoverTextThing is a very simple stack for those who favour the subtle over the obvious and the obvious over the subtle. It’s a true fence-sitter. And it delivers delicate hover effects for blocks of text.