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Use this stack to use the image zooming as seen on Medium. The images zoom in when clicking/tapping them, and zoom out when you click/tap again, scroll away, or press the escape key.

Paddy Stacks — A Suite of layout and utility stacks, some of which are included in Webdeersign projects and templates.

Improve the accessibility of your site by making sure the links in your main content are easy to use for visitors with vision and dexterity impairments.

Adds opacity to solid color backgrounds of theme items.

LineBreakHeight Stack sets the height between blocks of text separated with a return (<br>).

Turn a Photo Album page into a set of images linking to other pages, optionally opening in a new window.

LiteBox lets website users click or tap images and have them pop-open at a larger size within a responsive lightbox. Nothing more, nothing less.

Video Background lets you quickly add videos as a background to your web pages, with your other content on top of the video.

Easily add, delete and import data into a responsive table. Got a CSV file to use for the table? Just point Table Pro to it and it’ll do the rest.

Header Zero produces a fixed container on the top the page, scrolling down the page slides-out the container, scrolling up slides it in again.

The SmartColumns2 Stacks are a set of three stacks to make columns with an equal height that are responsive, so you can show them beneath each other below a given screen width. They come in a two, three and four column version, and each column can be styled individually, including the vertical alignment.

Pulse CMS Stack lets you integrate Pulse CMS 4.x into RapidWeaver. Pulse CMS is a very fast, reliable and easy to use CMS system. No database needed.