Social Bubble Stack

Social Bubble | Archetypon | $15.00

Social Bubble is one of those stacks that does one thing and does it very well. In this case, that’s providing a funky, animated social sharing stack which hides any linked services beneath a single button with a ‘+’ on it. When a visitor clicks on the button it wobbles like jelly in a dish and then smaller circles emerge, each with the icon of the social sharing service you’ve specified in the settings.

There’s not a lot of customisation to be done with Social Bubble. You can change the background colur and the icon colour but that’s about it; there’s no control over the size of the buttons or the animation itself. To pick a particular service you just type its name into the settings panel and if it exists in the Font Awesome library, the icon will appear on the button. Then all you have to do is link to the particular Facebook page or Twitter acount and you’re done.

Of course, the fact that Social Bubble supports Font Awesome means that it can be used for other things as well. You could add buttons for Skype, a contact form or a booking form for example, and link thm to relevant pages on your website. This makes Social Bubble more useful than it would be if it was confined to just social networking and sharing services.

We’d like to see a bit more control over the look and feel (especially at this price) but for a quick, effective way to push people towards relevant social media sites, this works well and has a lot of charm.

Rob Beattie

Rob Beattie is a freelance copywriter who designs sites using Rapidweaver. He's been reviewing computer hardware, software and web services since 1981. Yes...that long. And he's also the author of 101 Things to Do in a Shed , Fishing: A Very Peculiar History , and The Bluffer's Guide to Fishing