Big White Duck

Andrew has been working on SlideUp for a couple of months now – I beta-tested it in October already. SlideUp is a stack that will allow a sticky menu (or any other stack for that matter) to slide up off the screen as the user scrolls down the page, but to slide back into view as soon as the page is scrolled back up by a few pixels.

New in the final version of SlideUp are four different animations. The menu can flip up off the page and back on again; bounce, swing or gracefully slide. The HUD has settings for scroll distances – the distance in pixels that the screen needs to scroll down for the menu to disappear or up to re-appear. The animation speed can also be set.

Andrew has commented that SlideUp does not use Headroom.js, which a few people have assumed. Headroom.js is a fixed only header effect and Andrew was anxious to build this stack with the sticky compatibility that we tested during the summer. Rather than hack Headroom.js to do so, Andrew wrote slideUp.js from scratch.

SlideUp incorporates touchscreen detection. If a mobile device is detected, the 3D animations are disabled and degrade to a simple slide animation.

Oh, and did I mention that SlideUp will work with any stack within reason – it’s not restricted to menu bars.

Marten Claridge

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