Review20th December 2017

Want to design your own shopfront and take card and PayPal payments? Yuzool’s got you covered — options and elegance abound in their terrific new version of Cart.

Review15th November 2017

If you’ve ever wished you could add one of those multi-step forms to your Rapidweaver website then you’re going to love FormsPlus from Chillidog Software.

Review23rd October 2017

Marvel is an excellent theme — it’s deep, elegant and sophisticated, and contains the kind of fairy dust we come to expect from a RapidWeaver developer at the top of

Review4th October 2017

Embrace the difference. With its wide range of options, Rob Beattie finds Total Calculator an excellent way to add a ‘shopping list’ of items or services to your website.

Review19th September 2017

As an author himself, Rob Beattie likes Author Cards almost as much as he likes a drink. Especially when developers like 1LD do all the hard work with clever design

Review24th August 2017

Rob Beattie was looking to style up his email newsletters and found the rich, visual environment of Joe Workman’s Email for Rapidweaver incredibly useful.

Review28th July 2017

The Great and the Free. Rob Beattie casts his discerning eye over three great utility stacks that may have slipped under your radar. And they’re free.

Review14th July 2017

Slick, rock solid and versatile — Rob Beattie finds Nick Cates’ Velvet Video stacks a great way to display YouTube and Vimeo videos.

Review2nd July 2017

Rapid Ideas’ YouPlay Stack is a powerful and inexpensive way to get a Vimeo or YouTube video library running on your website that you can then update yourself.

Review19th June 2017

Formula is one of a new breed of sophisticated stacks that are great value for money and really extend Rapidweaver into brave new worlds of functionality.

Review2nd June 2017

If you need a multi-step form for your Rapidweaver website, you’ll love FormsPlus from Chillidog Software. It takes form design and delivery to a whole new level.

Review18th May 2017

Instacks’ Poster stack’s elegant versatility enables you to create a Stacks-based blog as well as an extremely distinctive way to present all sorts of content.

Review1st May 2017

Zoom is a neat little budget stack that does one thing really nicely. So if you’re looking for a stylish and subtle lightbox effect to highlight certain images on your

Review8th April 2017

Partial Magic from Jochen Abitz is a selection of useful website building blocks for Foundation that are well worth your time and your money.

Review24th March 2017

Elegant and individual, Blend’s distinctive pillar-style logo, title and sidebar area on the left and slinky, slide-out menu on the right gives it a real classy vibe that makes it

Review8th March 2017

Armadillo is a tremendously powerful suite of stacks for providing a sophisticated blog, editable from anywhere by lots of different users for a one-off price that can be used on

Review17th February 2017

No head-scratching here, this is a super-simple and inexpensive way to add hover captions over your pictures, well worth the outlay.

Review1st February 2017

One Little Designer’s Heroic Banner is perfect for good-looking banners done with the minimum of fuss.

Review18th January 2017

Designed to work with Rapidweaver 7’s new banner-image option, Henk Vrieselaar’s Banx theme is smart without being fussy, and is surprisingly lightweight for such a feature-rich theme.

Review7th January 2017

It’s been a while since we looked at new products from Marathia so we’re rounding up some of his new releases. As usual, there’s some good stuff in here.

Review3rd December 2016

Jochen’s Templates are a fantastic jumping off point for old Rapidweaver hands who want to save time, and for those less experienced users looking for a head start.

Review16th November 2016

If like us you want proper control over every aspect of your website’s typography, then Joe Workman’s Font Pro is a remarkable piece of work.

Review31st October 2016

Every now and then a product comes along that reminds you of everything that makes Rapidweaver such a delight to build professional websites. Screens is such a product.

Review18th October 2016

OpenStreetMap is a fine little stack which is sure to find its way onto many a Rapidweaver ‘Contact Us’ page both now and in the future.

Doobox Countup Stack Review
Review13th October 2016

Count Up stack is a useful, inexpensive stack which will save you time when trying to draw your visitors’ attention to important statistical information.

Review9th October 2016

Gallery 3 is a major player in the slider/gallery/lightbox world and deserves serious consideration, especially for the number of variations and CMS integrations you get for your money.

Review9th August 2016

Its tiny footprint and effortless set up makes LiteBox a good choice for anyone who needs to lightbox a few images on their pages with the minimum of effort.

Review16th July 2016

Adding audio to a site made simple. When space is tight or you need multiple tracks on a page, Rob Beattie finds this reliable one-track audio player is a fine

Review8th July 2016

Don’t be a lert, check out Will Woodgate’s Alert Bar. Rob Beattie sees it as one more handy little Stacks4Stacks stack that’s available for free.

Review4th July 2016

There’s a very good reason Rob Beattie writes most of our reviews. Angus MacPheep gets all steamed up about the new Pulse CMS Stack and shows exactly why.