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When we want to create basic ‘join my mailing list’ forms for clients, we usually turn to Mailchimp. It’s relatively straightforward (once you wade through all that marketing lingo) and is free for up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers – and that’s the problem.

For many people who are running a small event or promotion and want to gather a handful of email addresses, Mailchimp is hopelessly over the top; and while the free version is genuinely free, it takes time to navigate and set up.Not so the Register Stack from Yuzool. This lets you create a sign up form to capture email addresses, send interested parties an automatic ‘thanks for signing up’ email together with a link which, when clicked, takes them to a proper this-is-what-you’ve-signed-up-for page and then sends you an email with their address so you can store it in a spreadsheet or Word document – or a bit of paper if you prefer. It’s perfect for small events or promotions where numbers are manageable and where there’s no need for a database of the kind you’d expect to use if you were running a traditional marketing campaign.

Register includes two stacks – one for the signup page and one for the results page. The signup stack includes options for styling the invitation text, the form and the button, together with the pop-up message that tells people they’ve subscribed successfully – all of this is editable so you can tailor the text to suit. The Results stack is simply an enabler which needs to be added to the results page, after which you can include any content you like because it’s just a Stacks page – so something  advertising the course people have expressed interest in, or the products on offer, the free video you’ve tempted them with or whatever it is you’re promoting.

There’s some behind-the-scenes setting up that needs to be done and we’d recommend you follow the instructions on Yuzool’s site very carefully. Even so, we think that new Register users would appreciate some more screen shots showing how best to configure the signup and results pages along with some more more examples of how best to set up the paths, name the pages and so on. We’re reasonably confident with stuff like this and it still took us a couple of goes.

That said, the Register stack works a treat and is an excellent solution for anyone who needs to capture a few email addresses from time to time and doesn’t want to wrestle with the industrial strength Mailchimps of this world or set up and maintain an SQL database. We like.

Rob Beattie

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