Map 2 Stack

Put your website on the map. William Davis marvels at Doobox’s geolocationary Map 2 stack.

Map 2  is the latest Stack released by Doobox Software. An exceptional performance in its incorporation of functional geolocation, visual aesthetics, and user-friendly options, validates this as one of the best map-generating Stacks in today’s RapidWeaver market.

Those familiar with Google Maps can automatically relate to Map 2’s characteristics: A well-detailed map with pinpoint zoom accuracy, location markers that also provide information on key-specific areas, and a route finder in which the user can receive, print, or even email directions. To compound the Stack’s functionalities even further, the ability to quick-sync the coordinates & styles in relation to the map is always an added plus.

On a design stance, Doobox Software has rendered Map 2 very open as to what kind of identity each map can possess. The preliminary Stack options, the aforementioned map styles (courtesy towards, as well as creating custom, vector-based (SVG) icons for the location markers, are primary, and highly creative, examples of how the user can approach this.

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Review7th January 2017

It’s been a while since we looked at new products from Marathia so we’re rounding up some of his new releases. As usual, there’s some good stuff in here.

Review3rd December 2016

Jochen’s Templates are a fantastic jumping off point for old Rapidweaver hands who want to save time, and for those less experienced users looking for a head start.

Review16th November 2016

If like us you want proper control over every aspect of your website’s typography, then Joe Workman’s Font Pro is a remarkable piece of work.

Review31st October 2016

Every now and then a product comes along that reminds you of everything that makes Rapidweaver such a delight to build professional websites. Screens is such a product.

Review18th October 2016

OpenStreetMap is a fine little stack which is sure to find its way onto many a Rapidweaver ‘Contact Us’ page both now and in the future.

Doobox Countup Stack Review
Review13th October 2016

Count Up stack is a useful, inexpensive stack which will save you time when trying to draw your visitors’ attention to important statistical information.

Review9th October 2016

Gallery 3 is a major player in the slider/gallery/lightbox world and deserves serious consideration, especially for the number of variations and CMS integrations you get for your money.

Review9th August 2016

Its tiny footprint and effortless set up makes LiteBox a good choice for anyone who needs to lightbox a few images on their pages with the minimum of effort.

Review16th July 2016

Adding audio to a site made simple. When space is tight or you need multiple tracks on a page, Rob Beattie finds this reliable one-track audio player is a fine

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Don’t be a lert, check out Will Woodgate’s Alert Bar. Rob Beattie sees it as one more handy little Stacks4Stacks stack that’s available for free.


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