RapidWeaver Central v5


Welcome to the new RapidWeaver Central. At first glance you might think it looks just like the previous version… and you’d be right. But under the bonnet, there’s a whole new engine with all the requisite power to propel this ship to infinity and beyond. 

To put it diplomatically the site has now become a hybrid mash-up of two unlikely partners, RapidWeaver and WordPress. Less diplomatically, I’d call it a bastard mutant spawned from the monstrous union of two desperate fuckers colliding in the heat of the night. Whatever. It works. And what works is what survives and evolves, and we’re all about evolving at RapidWeaver Central.

In this new version the main aim was to welcome back StackCentral at the same time as consolidating the RapidWeaver Central brand by bringing in-house my satellite sites, WeaverThings and Quantum Weaving. These all now exist under the RapidWeaver Central roof. Driving the blog and StackCentral is WordPress, while all the WeaverThings, Quantum Weaving and Resources sections are powered by RapidWeaver.

Implementing these goals has not been straightforward, and it has already taken up most of this year. On the WordPress side of things Gille and I have slaved long into many a lonesome night to create the kind of StackCentral we, as users, want. We’re not all the way there yet, but we’re close enough to go live with it and respond to your feedback. 

Also, I need to get back to developing some more Things. I’ve got a whole collection of them lying around the workshop in various stages of completion, so you can expect some new stacks and more news on these soon. There’s also some other exciting developments just around the corner, most notably a brand new RapidWeaver Central venture that will take us into unchartered waters, albeit with a very experienced captain at the helm.  



Marten Claridge

Founder of RapidWeaver Central, Developer of WeaverThings, Author of Books, Marten's highly unique skillset has established him as a leading RapidWeaver, Web Design and Wordpress consultant with a worldwide client-list and highly dysfunctional sense of modesty.

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