Pulse CMS and Pulse CMS Stack

[Note to self: While the boss is away, let’s see how many inappropriate sexual innuendos you can thrust into this whole thing. And whatever you do, don’t forget to delete this note to self.]

There’s nothing like a good finger every now and then and if anyone has the Digit of Due Diligence on RapidWeaver’s racing pulse it surely must be Michael ‘Yuzool’ Frankland whose Pulse CMS is a standout package guaranteed to penetrate the CMS market and arouse many a Weaver’s most fervent desires.

And as there’s nothing like a tight integration to make the eyes water it’s no surprise that since taking over Pulse CMS in December 2015 Michael’s had multiple requests for a tighter fit between RapidWeaver and Pulse CMS.

Now I would never claim to be privy to all the ins-and-outs… but I do know Michael’s found it very hard of late and has had plenty of ups-and-downs trying to fill that particular void.

But fortune smiles on those who have better things to do than stand around and wait, and it wasn’t long before a couple of upstanding members from the RapidWeaver community thrust their services upon him.

Enter Gille of StacksCenter fame and developer Jannis from inStacks, both of whom had a firm grasp of Michael’s integrational needs.

Together, their conjoined passion and commitment to plumb those developmental depths with their complex code-insertions reaped rapid rewards. And as a result of their delicate manipulations and irresistible savoir faire it finally all came together when they finally pounded their pulsing purpose home.

In collaboration this talented threesome have forged a perfect relationship: one that enables an almost seamless slip-and-slide between Pulse CMS and RapidWeaver… and thereby satisfying many a freelancer’s unformulated desire. 

The Perfect Outcome — Pulse CMS Stack

Now it’s your turn for some easy coelescent mingling. Pulse CMS Stack is a free download and lets you integrate Pulse CMS into RapidWeaver. And if you don’t already have Pulse CMS you can download the Pulse CMS Stack on this page and get an exclusive 25% discount for RapidWeavers. More arousing details here.

Angus MacPheep

Angus MacPheep is the man behind the mask, the ghost in the machine. Don’t be fooled by his suave good looks and reckless disregard for convention — he’s the real driving-force behind RapidWeaver Central, a madly intuitive aesthete who makes inspirational leaps of faith and conjures pixel-perfect design magic from the uninspiring ether. He’s also a real hit with the ladies.

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