ProSearch2 Stack

ProSearch2 | RWtuts | €7.95

RWtuts are renown for their simplicity in Stacks, as well as their robust products and documentation. One such product to support this claim is the ProSearch2 Stack.

The ProSearch2 Stack offers a relatively intelligible search database on the page, in which it recalls and identifies any word or set of words entered into the text field. Users can identify the number of search results through the ‘Hit’ meter located underneath the text field. Results are highlighted throughout the page with interchangeably colored labels. Additionally, because the database relies on a local host, there is no delay when fetching search results.

No options are present upon installation within the Editing Mode on RapidWeaver. Hypothetically, this is an effort on RWtuts to not only minimize page production, but to expedite and facilitate project completion. A simple drag and drop procedure is commonly all it takes to get the Stack going.

ProSearch2 makes a great addition to the Stacks library, especially for speed in text-heavy projects.

System Requirements:
– RapidWeaver 6 (Mac OS X 10.9+)
– Stacks 3

Angus MacPheep

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