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Playlister 2 | Stacks4Stacks | £10

Stacks4Stacks’ latest stack, Playlister 2, revitalizes the slowly dissolving trend of HTML-type audio players, and utilizes many features that help promote many project sites with a tremendous (and often acoustically atmospheric) impact.

The Playlister 2 stack is divided into two layers: the outer (audio player) layer, and the inner (playlist) layer; both of which are capable of being edited outright through the vast amount of options presented.

Styling and advanced configurations are all present in the outer layer — Will Woodgate has made it possible for users to mold the stack in their own personal and creative way — while the inner layer is usually reserved for Artist/Album/Track/Cover information, as well as the primary area for uploading playlist files. Extra inner layers can be added simply by pressing on the Add button. There is also a built-in, basic copy protection program that discourages online pirating, which is vital for sensitive files. If permitted, files also have the option to be downloaded.

There is a noticeable quality that separates Playlister 2 from conventional audio players — specifically, how the Stack behaves when handling the playlist. While the traditional method of manually appending the playlist files/information via URL or Resource is default by option, the alternate routes are through a pair of methods called Simple and Advanced Warehousing.

The Simple process involves automatically retrieving the playlist file data from the domain server’s directory folder without having to configure the stack. This makes it ideal for podcasts or anything published on a continual basis.

Advanced Warehousing is generally for uploading multiple files from multiple sources/directories; the key difference is that the data is now retrieved from a comma-separated value (.csv) file. This process also facilitates remote maintenance for the playlist.

For a jack-of-all-trades audio player, there should be no reason to pass up on this stack. From aspiring musicians seeking to showcase their portfolio in a modern-day fashion, to those who wish to set the environmental mood of the project site, Playlister 2 capitalizes on these variables, and makes a great addition to the RapidWeaver library.

System Requirements:
– RapidWeaver 6 (Mac OS X 10.9+)
– Stacks 3

Angus MacPheep

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