Our Top Content and Page Scrolling Stacks

We recently noticed we’ve got quite a few content- and page scrolling stacks in StackCentral now, so we decided to take a closer look at them and see which ones we liked the best. In future comparison reviews we’ll be taking a look at other stack categories, so if you have a request you’d like fast-tracked be sure to let us know. 


Maik Barz: Content Scroller 

Content Scroller sets the overflow content parameter into a scrollable element. Users can configure the stack’s height of its scrollable content, as well as adjust the styles of the scrollbar itself. This is ideal for sites with content heavy pages. This is the only scroll-type Stack in which the inner content is adjusted through the overflow parameter. This stack is also unique in that it’s compatible with the fifth and sixth versions of RapidWeaver, with DMG download options for both versions.


Maik Barz: Smooth Scroller

Smooth Scroller focuses on how and where the page scrolls. Activation initializes either by clicking within the Stack’s content, or by approaching it via traditional mouse-scroll. Direction of the scrolling action, as well as its speed & animations, are also adjustable through the Stack’s options. This is the only scroller-type Stack in which it offers different routes on how to approach the scrolling action. Once again, this stack is unique in that it’s compatible with the fifth and sixth versions of RapidWeaver, with DMG download options for both versions.


CosCulture: Easy Scroller 

Easy Scroller enables a fixed-position button that can be placed anywhere on the screen. Pressing on the button triggers a scroll-type animation to any place of the page. Options to adjust the styling of the button and the scroll animations are also present for the user to configure. Unlike other scroller-type stacks, in which they are contained in their respective areas, Easy Scroller is the only one that goes outside the stack perimeters. For this reason, the user is able to place this stack anywhere on the Editing panel.


RWtuts: TopScroll2

TopScroll2 is simply a button that ushers you towards the top of the page. No additional options are required (or even present) for this stack, so placing it on the desired area on the Editing panel will perform justice on the stack’s functionality. Of all the stacks reviewed so far, TopScroll2 is definitely minimal in that it has no options whatsoever! However, its basic functionality makes up for its lack of configuration. Essentially, it is what it is and it does what it does!


Stacks4Stacks: ScrollFade (Free) 

ScrollFade modifies the fade-in/out effects of the inner content when approached by scrolling. Options include adjusting the opacity, the speed, and its delay time. Its intuitiveness, acceptable outcomes, and the fact that it is generously free, make this stack well worthy to have in your library. As the stack’s name suggests, the primary function is its fading abilities, which makes it ideal for providing dynamic impact within multiple content sections. The fact that there is no cost for ScrollFade is also a great help for those cost-effective projects we all encounter every now and then!


BigWhiteDuck: Scroll Mate (Free) 

Scroll Mate offers just about every option affiliated with animation effects upon scrolling. The user can adjust a wide variety of options, including XYZ axes, opacity and scaled meters, animation ease-types, and so much more. Scroll Mate even offers a custom wrapper/class area in which advanced users can freely mold the stack to their own liking. Scroll Mate is considered a multi-dimensional stack, and offers many routes as to how you want to approach your projects. Surprisingly, this stack is free of charge, which immediately makes this an added benefit.


In Conclusion

While all of the above scrollers are worthy additions to your RapidWeaver toolbox, our two favourites are Maik Barz’s Smooth Scroller and BigWhiteDuck’s Scroll Mate

Angus MacPheep

Angus MacPheep is the man behind the mask, the ghost in the machine. Don’t be fooled by his suave good looks and reckless disregard for convention — he’s the real driving-force behind RapidWeaver Central, a madly intuitive aesthete who makes inspirational leaps of faith and conjures pixel-perfect design magic from the uninspiring ether. He’s also a real hit with the ladies.

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