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What's Going On: June

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Reviews Are Back

Every week something new — that's our challenge. This week we've reintegrated our popular Reviews section and in the weeks ahead we'll be featuring some of the best new stacks that a few inconsiderate developers dared to launch during our refurbishment. First up, Rob Beattie returns to the fray with his inimitable take on a collection of stacks from Marathia.


For those of you arriving from far-flung galaxies edging our Weaververse, Rob is our long-suffering reviewer who's been casting his highly professional and critical eye over Mac and RapidWeaver products for more years than he'd like to remember. Author, Copywriter and Webdesigner by day, secret rockstar by night, Rob is the last bastion of sanity standing between Angus MacPheep and our bustling Review Department. Long may his reign continue.


Summer is our favourite day of the year. Now that we've had it, we can climb back down from our high hopes and embrace the rigours of normality. Which means no more lunchtime mojitos, no more Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter ice-creams, and no more parading down the High Street in my skimpy mankini. Expect some new product to hit the street soon.



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