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What's Going On: July/August

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Burn Dreams Burn

'Every week something new' is our hopelessly doomed challenge in this neverending Summer of Impossible Dreams. So while other developers prostrate themselves like sacrificial offerings on tropical beaches, here at RapidWeaver Central we never stop swimming as we mix our metaphors and venture through shark-infested waters to ensure the continued wellbeing of our multitudinous visitors.

Oh the reviews we could've written if we hadn't been delirious from the heat... the deadlines we could've met... the long overdue promises kept!

But sunshine in Scotland is a rare and wondrous event that turns all our mortal desires and good intentions to dust. Fortunately in these thermodynamic crucibles of creation, inspiration is forged from the chaos — and we now have truly wondrous things coming. Quantum Things.

But first, Part Two of our Weavium Review.


Twelve new Wednesday dates that take my live Module & Webdesign Tuition Sessions up until late September. If you're interested, register early below to guarantee your place. I've now opened participation to anyone with pre-sales questions they'd like answered before purchasing any of the modules.

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