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What's Going On: February

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Evolution — What’s Coming Next

To Do List:


Next up, we’ll bring our popular reviews back online, and this should be within the next few weeks. Rob Beattie already has some interesting stack reviews ready to go, so it’s only a matter of getting the backend up and running.


Restyle all the FreeThings pages in the Freebies section. This will obviously take a while because of the sheer number of them.


Just because this is lower down the list doesn’t mean it's a lesser priority. StackCentral is still a very popular resource for many users and there are some great stacks to be found in there that don’t exist on other resources. Behind the scenes, we’re currently repositioning our rather delicious backend to facilitate its re-entry.


This resource is not a priority right now but we’ll be updating it and bringing it back once all the above are complete.



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