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What's Going On: Quantum August

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Quantum Tease

Damn that handcuff drawer, it’s now playing havoc with our best intentions. We didn’t even hear the police at the door. Still, Rob Hall sent in his review of Weavium’s Expandable Grid stack while they were subduing Mrs RapidWeaver Central and dragging her down to the station, so all things considered the day wasn’t a complete write off. 

There's also some other exciting news.

In the beginning there was Quantum Weaving. Then came WeaverThings, Bigfoot, and most recently Duck Soup. Now the fickle fist of fate has determined that we return to our Quantum roots with our latest product offering, Quantum Edge: The Project Accelerator.

Building on the success of Maximal Design and the Duck Soup suite of modules, Quantum Edge takes our range of designer modules even further into the unexplored regions of RapidWeaver webdesign... and they are truly epic! They will give experienced Weavers so much design power and value that all its hyperbole will be left like dust in the rearview mirror of metaphor.

All of which is mere preamble to saying that the Quantum Edge beta is now undergoing rigorous testing, and if all goes according to plan it will be available for purchase around 11th or 12th August. If it doesn't go to plan — which it hasn't — then it's more likely to be the end of August.



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