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What's Going On: April/May

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Duckensian Duckularity

If you've been paying very close attention these last few weeks then you'll have noticed a lot of changes throughout the RapidWeaver Central ecosystem — some significant, others barely noticeable — as we shed our baggy old skin and evolve into a sleeker beast better suited to our current environment.

The most notable of these changes concerns Maximal Design, which I have decided to bring in-house. Rather than cause confusion — not least for myself — by having the Maximal Design Style Modules on a separate site, and thereby diluting their SEO value and impact, I've now brought all the modules back into the RapidWeaver Central fold where they can now benefit from an even tighter integration with the module packs and templates I see coming down the line.

Here are some of the other recent improvements:


Don't tell anyone but I've now integrated a very basic version of Big White Duck's long-awaited and highly-secret MenuLab prototype throughout the site — and as you would expect everything seems to be very solid and working as it should. So far. If you come across some strange behaviour, let me know.


I've now updated the Duck Soup module pack pages and have added a module pack navigation 'megamenu' that reveals itself on scroll. This is a temporary measure and will gradually morph into a more functional menu as MenuLab progresses. You can see an example of it working on this page and all the other Duck Soup pages.


With the growing popularity of my weekly Help & Tuition Sessions, I've decided to make them a permanent fixture every Wednesday. As such, I've added new sections to both the Home and Duck Soup pages, and a dedicated Modules Support page, all of which can be used to register for forthcoming sessions.


With the approaching advent of GDPR, I've addd a Privacy Policy page where I detail all the necessary detail.


Twelve new dates that take my live Help & Tuition Sessions up until early July. If you're interested, register early below to guarantee your place. I've now opened participation to anyone with pre-sales questions they'd like answered before purchasing any of the modules.



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