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New Improved Quantum Edge

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New Improved Quantum Edge

While I got a lot of very positive feedback for my original Quantum Edge, I also got a veritable quarkload of constructive criticism from both regular and potential customers. In essence, they said, Quantum Edge was too big, too complicated, too expensive. And they were right. In retrospect, I can clearly see that it was all of those things. So I've made some changes.

To make Quantum Edge more accessible I've now repurposed, restructured, and repriced the project, ultimately reducing the number of options so it's now far more focused, easier to use, and a helluva lot cheaper.

New Structure:
Its new structure is now similar to Duck Soup, with five module packs — Azimuth, Orbital, Qubit, Spectra and Subshell — each of which contains five pages of modules. You'll find many of these modules have been improved in the interim, with added variations and animations, as well as some completely new modules. If you take a look at the Modules menu tab and you'll see an overview of its new structure.

New Pricing:
With the new structure comes new pricing: you can now buy each module pack individually for $29.99, or the five-pack bundle for $79.99. You can find out more here.

New Duck Soup Offer
For those of you who haven't yet tried the Duck Soup modules, I'm now making the Duck Soup Bundle available for $49.99. You can find out more here.



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