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Timeout Maintenance

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Weekend Maintenance

This weekend we'll be doing a little maintenance. On Saturday 27th October we'll be going offline while we change servers and undergo some behind-the-scenes migrations, maintenance and upgrades. Support will be available as always on our Weavers Space. Also...


Quantum Edge is Here!

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Quantum Edge Is Here

After months in the making, I'm happy to announce the release of my new mega suite of Stacks modules, Quantum Edge, which will enable Weavers to achieve webdesigns they never imagined possible, while saving eons of valuable time.


What's Going On: Quantum September Launch.

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Quantum Edging

Quantum Edge is now nearing the end of its beta cycle and it's all looking good for a launch initiation Saturday 23rd September.


What's Going On: Quantum August

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Quantum Tease

Damn that handcuff drawer, it’s now playing havoc with our best intentions. We didn’t even hear the police at the door...


What's Going On: July/August

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Burn Dreams Burn

'Every week something new' is our hopelessly doomed challenge in this neverending Summer of Impossible Dreams. So while other developers prostrate themselves like sacrificial offerings on tropical beaches, here at RapidWeaver Central we never stop swimming as we mix our metaphors and venture through shark-infested waters to ensure the continued wellbeing of our multitudinous visitors...


What's Going On: April/May

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Duckensian Duckularity

If you've been paying very close attention these last few weeks then you'll have noticed a lot of changes throughout the RapidWeaver Central ecosystem — some significant, others barely noticeable — as we shed our baggy old skin and evolve into a sleeker beast better suited to our current environment.

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